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The lover of chocolate!

can you handle the sugar?

chocolate mystery...
8 March

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User Number: 737797
Date Created:10-12-2002
Number of Posts: 122

Most of the time you can find her with neutral smile plastered on her face, if not she has her shy and quiet moments but is a good person overal.
Strengths: Making people feel better, laughing, strategizing videogaming, dance dance revolution, christianity, friends, family, movies, batman, books (not as much anymore)
Weaknesses: Albert Singleton III, Cheesecake, CHOCOLATE (drool).
Special Skills: able to stick out her tounge and pat her head at the same time. (kidding), former body contorter
Weapons: the boyfriend, my mind, and a bit of shotokan karate

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5th mix, 80's cartoons, 80's music, acting, air-conditioning, albert, amplitude, anastasia, angela bassett, angelic layer, animated series, anime, anime cons, applepie & icecream, arabesque books, arabesque movies, ayumi hamaski, batman, big t-shirts, books, boots, braids, cars, cartoon network, cartoons, catwoman, cheaters tv, chocolate, church, coach z, cold milk, cold weather, comedy, comic books, compliments, computers, cons, cookies and cream, cooler kids, coral smith, cornrows, cowboy bebop, crest of the stars, dance dance revolution, daria, ddr, elizabeth braddock, exercise, family, family guy, fanfiction, final fantasy, flat screen monitors, fred perry's gold digger, freedom, gambit, game nights, gaming, gifts, gospel music, graphic design, high-speed internet, highlights, homestarrunner.com, honda's, hugs, internet, j-pop, jackie chan, james franco, jim carey, kickboxing, kim possible, kirby, laptops, laughing, laura bailey, long distance calls, lord of the rings, loyal people, makeup, manga, martial arts, martialarts, massages, megatokyo, mike mizanin, money, movies, music, my boyfriend, my dorky friends, napoleon dynamite, no doubt, painting, phantasy star online, photoshop, playstation2, poppin music, praying, privacy, proud family, pso, real world, reese's puffs cereal, roleplaying, rpg's, samurai jack, sheik, shenmue, shiek, small framed glasses, smallville, sneakers, solitude, sports, ssbm, steve blum, strawberry short cake, strongbad, sugar, super smash brothers melee, tae-bo, tea, techno, teenage mutant ninja turtles, terry mcginnis, the legend of zelda, the uncanny x-men, theatre, theme parks, theme songs, tournaments, track and field, traveling, utada hikaru, vic mignogna, video game music, video games, videogames, voice acting, voice overs, weight loss, will smith, wow, writing